Having a whitepaper that is understandable for evrybody but at the same time conveys enough technical information for the more inquisitive is fundamental for every project. It needs not only to outline the coded mechanism of the main contract, but also to describe the mission of the project, how does it work regarding code+community interaction and how will the future plans will be achieved. It especially needs to carefully detail how each feature of the project works.

This is why, along with the upgrades on features, functionality, image and user integration on the website, we decided to upgrade our whitepaper, adding up to date numbers regarding circulating liquidity, burnt tokens and locked liquidity. Along with the basic information such as supply, contract, ticker, etc.

Not only that, but with a clear description on how the rewards and reflections work, along with the NFT rewards to be claimed soon.

The anti-whale measures we have implemented to best secure the investments of our holders against manipulations through large transactions

The mission and vision of the Scooby launchpad:

The mechanism and numbers behind Scooby Prize:

The prize pool from the entrie gets divided as follows:

  • 70% — To the prize for a single lucky winner.
  • 20% — Burnt.
  • 10% — Market Maker.

And our reasoning behind the careful treatment we give to token burns.

All of these points will be further explained in future Medium articles of their own. Stay tuned to learn more about all these exciting features and how to best take advantage of them


Scooby Coin is a cryptocurrency token that provides holders with BTC rewards over time.