Tracing (y)our path to success

Success is measured by results, yes, but as important as results are plans. Any project and enterprise needs to have a clear vision of the goals they aim to achieve and a structured strategy on how will they achieve them, along with the estimated time it will take to arrive there. It should be clear enough that the steps have logic on their sequence and complementarity between each other, but to leave some flexibility to be able to take action in a crisis and to adapt to new contextual conditions.

Scooby’s roadmap has been evolving and changing drastically during these last couple months, to adapt and overcome the conditions that are leading the global market to uncertainty and volatility. Certain plans and objectives had to be delayed to offer more consolidated features that can be a better tool for our investors during both times of uncertainty and times of great stability. However, other steps that were planned for much later were incorporated during these times to provide more stability, control and understanding over their assets to our holders, together with a consolidation of activity on social media and information platforms.

The general overview of what has been achieved surpasses the initial plans, SBD pairs were successfully listed on CEXs such as CoinTiger and CoinsBit, the contract was audited by Solidity Finance passing successfully every check. First AMAs for newcommers and later AMAs to inform the developments were done and constant information on new features and current upgrades is given to the public. SBD token has been listed on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap, the two most trusted sources of information regarding crypto projects analytics. An airdrop was done along with marketing, which allowed the social media channels to grow massively for a greater visibility. Details about the token were updated on BSCscan, adding a holders graph, the official logo and setting the official websites and social profiles to be directly linked.

The biggest and most impactful release was the image redesign, regarding the graphic identity of the project, on social media and the website itself to a more professional and serious look to match the high standrds with which we treat every part of the project and features we offer to the people. But the upgrade was not only aesthetic, it came along a carefully designed dashboard backed by weeks of research on how to provide an intuitive interface where users can easily monitor and move around their holdings (such as direcly swapping scooby and sending to other wallets), participate in different other activities such as Scooby Prize and of course monitor their basic passive rewards and claim them.

As these steps have been successfully taken, way more is to come, more trading pairs listed on different CEXs, liquidity added on strategic DEXs, automation of rewards distribution along with exclusive NFTs related to the percentage of holdings, an automatic market maker as an additional anti whale feature and part of the sustainable token burning strategy. The next milestone after the launchpad release will be the NFT marketplace, during this period, more decentralisation features will be implemented to strengthen even further the project.

All of the prospected features will be carefully detailed in time as has been done with the past releases, stay on the lookout for more news and roadmap updates.





Scooby Coin is a cryptocurrency token that provides holders with BTC rewards over time.

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Scooby Coin

Scooby Coin

Scooby Coin is a cryptocurrency token that provides holders with BTC rewards over time.

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