Holding SBD, getting NFTs.

Scooby Finance has, from its very inception, been a project with the mission to provide value to its investors from any possible angle. From the most passive mechanism which is the reflection triggered by every transaction, to the upcoming launchpad, going through the rewards claim in BNB or BTC, the idea is to integrate all the innovation and possibilities that being on the blockchain sphere provides. This is why we have added a most exciting feature that brings even more value and opens new possibilities to the holders of SBD. The integration of NFTs is another step towards opening up to new interactions and features, every time you claim rewards, the amount you get makes you eligible to get an exclusive NFT.

There will be multiple editions/seasons, and of course ultra special editions in the future that will be available to get at random or as special awards. We will be partnering with artists and designers to make exclusive collections and items. The best part is that you have full ownership over this NFT as soon as you mint it. On MetaMask you are able to import it from the contract address and token id and do as you please with it, trade it, share it, etc.

For a regular season there will be five different NFTs depending on the amount you claim from the rewards pool, for special seasons or distributions special rewards or editions will be announced. For this first release, the five levels will be:

lvl 1.- from 0 to 0.001 BNB

lvl 2.- from 0.0011 to 0.009 BNB

lvl 3.- from 0.0091 to 0.09 BNB

lvl 4.- from 0.091 to 0.22 BNB

lvl 5.- from 0.221 BNB and up

The back of the card will be this, and from there you will reveal the front, which shows the character earned and you can share it with the QR code on it.

Don’t forget to post a screencap and share it so the pools become ever increasing and you can get rarer items!


Scooby Coin is a cryptocurrency token that provides holders with BTC rewards over time.