Buying Scooby

Clear instructions on how to buy a project’s token are essential to avoid confusions, scams and to let people know how to safely get and store their assets. That’s why we have taken measures and implemented features to let Scooby holders have as much control and information over their SBD as possible. Here is a detailed article on how and where to buy SBD.

1.-Get and set up a wallet (we recommend mainly using MetaMask).

-Add the BSC main network to your wallet.

-Add the token info:

· contract: 0xf0ab4b8daa51f6abf6b4c9fef0cca5d127029aa9

· symbol: SBD

· decimals: 18

-Make sure you have some BNB to pay for gas fees

2.-Go to pancakeswap (V1) or our pancakeswap router on

-On pancakeswap connect your wallet and go to the “trade” option, on v1(old) paste the contract address (0xf0ab4b8daa51f6abf6b4c9fef0cca5d127029aa9) in the “To:” box, add Scooby to your trading tokens, then choose the amount of BNB or your preferred currency on the “From:” box, set the slippage on the gear menu to 11–13%. Hit “swap” and confirm the transaction through your wallet interface.

-Alternatively, use this link to buy directly through the router on our website. Once there, hit “continue”, connect your wallet and choose the amount of BNB you want to convert to SBD. Finally hit “swap”.

3.-Get your rewards.

Every time a transaction with SBD occurs, an amount is redistributed amongst all holders, so for every movement of SBD you will get more tokens. Not only that, but you also get the right to claim BNB or BTC every time the rewards are released/distributed, proportional to your holding share.

4.-Monitor your holdings through our dashboard

You can look at the amount of SBD you hold, the rewards pool holdings and how much of it will you get from there by connecting your wallet to the Scooby Dashboard following this link: (you can also access the swap interface, transactions, and many more features through this dashboard that will be announced shortly).




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