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The crypto space is filled to the brim with projects of a wide variety of types, unfortunately this emerging market is still lackluster in both the User Interface design and most important: intuitive frontend. A great effort on amicable dashboards has been developing recently, however on most projects they still feel too technical and developer oriented, with unintuitive paths and ways to operate. The same as in a motor vehicle, a dashboard for a crypto project should convey enough information in an easy enough manner so as to allow the user to take control of the steering wheel and drive it themselves, this is why the dashboard upgrade made during the last maintenance of the Scooby.Finance website was designed to provide face front the most essential information regarding the user’s investment and basic features to perform simple tasks or transactions without the need of a complicated step-by-step guide or specific unretrievable links.

Several basic features are allocated on the dashboard to make simple transactions, you just gotta connect your BSC wallet through this button:

Your address will be displayed along with the current amount of SBD (Scooby) you hold, example:

The most basic features you can get through this are:

  • Buying SBD:

In an effort to prevent mistakes and protecting potential investors from scams, we linked a PancakeSwap router for the correct and only valid contract and liquidity holding to the “Buy Scooby” button, which, when clicked will open a new tab, just click on “continue to swap”, unlock your wallet and in the interface choose the amount of BNB you want to swap for SBD:

It is as easy as that!

  • Transactions

Transfering SBD from your wallet to any other BSC address, just fill the spaces with the correct info and click “Transfer” and voila! you’re all set

Of course, the most basic data every Scooby holder needs to have is the set of numbers regarding their passive income: the rewards acquired just by holding SBD!

  • Rewards Pool: how much has been globally raised to distribute amongst all holders
  • Liquidity Pool: the amount of SBD available for buyers
  • Acquired Rewards: the amount of BNB you can withdraw instantly (during the claiming period, every time rewards are released)
  • Incoming Rewards: the amount of BNB you are entitled to from the current Pool before rewards are released
  • Claim buttons: You can choose whether you get your rewards on BNB or its equivalent on BTC once the claim period is open.

Last but not least: the ever growing space of new features and your participation on them

The first widgets to be used as soon as they are released are the launchpad allocations and ScoobyPrize participation.

The first one will be a monitor where you can track your participation on the projects working through our launchpad, basic info on their status, etc.

The second one, the ScoobyPrize, is the place where you can participate in the lottery that will raffle not only the tickets pool, but special prizes such as exclusive NFTs, tokens from a select array of launchpad projects and much much more.

Expect more details on each one of these features, be on the lookout for new spaces and even further development of this user friendly tool designed to hand you the power over your assets.





Scooby Coin is a cryptocurrency token that provides holders with BTC rewards over time.

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Scooby Coin

Scooby Coin

Scooby Coin is a cryptocurrency token that provides holders with BTC rewards over time.

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